Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Quote to Remember

I just read the interview of Dionisio Heiderscheid (AKA D.O.) over at BeautifulMag and I think I like this guy D.O. It's good to hear stories of how people got into the adult entertainment business. There's this quote from him that I wanted to mention that was sort of inspiring and I totally agree with D.O. on the topic:

"... Life is a great gift we all have. Don´t waste your time doing what you must to, doing what is just right or what the others expect from you. Do what you really feel, do what your heart tells you and keep going in your own direction, even when it seems you are in the wrong direction. If you have the inner feeling, trust yourself, be strong, be happy, You are alive. You have the chance to do whatever you like. Start enjoying life right now!!" - Dionisio Heiderscheid

You can find his interview with BeautifulMag here.

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