Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Piranha Las Vegas

This weekend my friends and I have a special treat to share with all of you who are going to be in LV December 3rd and 4th. If you are in the area or not but still want to come, please do. It's going to be a blast!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scenes That Never Were

In this scene, party planner, promoter and fashion photographer Locoya Hill does more than take pictures from behind the lens. He strips out of his polo shirt and jeans to do more than cop a feel. After he teases me with his big black thick juicy cock, he tries to shove it in; thinking I'm going to take it like a champ. I end up in tears from how bad it hurts... The end!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Naked Kombat - Leo Lust vs Tony Vega

Be sure to check out my first wrestling match ever by heading over to NakedKombat.com

PS don't hate, participate!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scenes That Never Were

Lets kick off the third work of Scenes That Never Were with a piece dedicated to none other than Dominik Rider. His hot Latino body is smokin with all the curves in all of the right places. In our scene, we would go from tossing each-others salads to switch hitting one another. It's too bad that he's not that kinky cause I would love to stick my hand... Well you get the idea.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Clubbin In Michigan?

That's right folks! Tony Vega's gone to the show for the holidays. I'm checking out some of the local hot-spots including Spiral in Lansing, MI. This dance bar is packed for the winter. Saturday, November 13th, they are celebrating their 12th Anniversary. This is supposed to be the event of the season and will include some local entertainment as well as hot gogos. I will also be there to pass out merch and promote my new video with Titan Media! If you're in town, don't miss this event. It's going to be crazy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This Halloween weekend, I flew out for a shoot and to visit a good friend in Michigan. After the shoot, my question of the afternoon was, where were we supposed to go out in this town? We ended up heading over to The Necto. It's a trendy dance club filled with some yummy drinks and eye candy. I guess Friday nights are their official "gay" nights with an event called Pride. How appropriate :) Anyway, being Halloween and all, everyone was dressed down for the occasion. I was able to meet the club owner Scot, which is a great guy. He made sure that we had everything that we needed and showed us a really good time. I look forward to going to this club when I am back in town later on in December. Thanks Scot and Lucas!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Titan Men: Kennel Master *Preview*

As mentioned before, my new scene Kennel Master is out now. Below is additional information on the Titan Media Blog. Enjoy!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kennel Master

The long awaited video Kennel Master is out and available now! Be sure to check me and all of the other pups out in this rough and raw scene that includes puppy play, piss, dildos, bondage, sensory play and hard fucking.


Friday, October 15, 2010

The Armory

So I am here on location at Kink.com which is at this huge Armory in San Francisco, California. Boy, what a trip! This place has more rooms and floors than the modern day labyrinth. The place has an interesting odor which is a cross between old library and crisco/ J-lube. It's weird because my body and emotions don't know weather to be turned on, or scared. I will announce more when I am able to do so, but right now, I need to finish my oatmeal and shower. See you guys again soon!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Road Trip

I was supposed to fly directly from California to Orlando, where I will be living from now on, but instead, I ended up on a cross-country road trip adventure! On this road trip a buddy and I traveled from San Diego, through Flagstaff, Arizona, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dalhart Texas, Hooker, Oklahoma, Liberal, Kansas, Kansas City & Saint Louis, Missouri, Chicago, Illinois, and Flint, Michigan. Besides the torrential downpour in Arizona, everything was relotivly boring. Haha... Okay, there might have been a deer or two and a few nice things to see. After 20+ hours on the road, I had enough of trees and crops. Below are some pictures of when I remembered to take snapshots on the road.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Folsom Street Fair

Hey guys and gals! This past weekend was amazing! I met a bunch of new people and ran into a lot of old friends. A few pictures have surfaced from this weekend and I will post then asap and give you a little more info when I have the time. Bbfn!

Above is a picture of me and sexy hunk Julian Marshburn

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Finally, after several years and thousands of dollars later, I have graduated from art school. Ugh it feels so good to have the freedom to control what I do and where I go in a day again. Folsom Street Fair is coming up this weekend, so I booked my flight out there as a graduation gift to myself. If you'll be out that weekend, keep your eyes peeled cause this bitch is going to go crazy! Hehe... of course, it's all in good fun. Hope to see some of you out there. If you see me, be sure to say hi.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Took The Night

I love this artist! JamieATook was nice enough to share with me one of his interpretations of one of my Club Inferno scenes. This artist is one of a few that I have and will keep my eyes on for years to come. Thanks Jamie!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Horny As a Dandy

I am very surprised on what I can get away with posting on Twitter :P

*The only leather that I currently own

Monday, August 23, 2010

Scenes That Never Were

My second edition to Scenes That Never Were is a piece that I completed in only 2 hours. His name is Austin Wilde. He is super sexy but kind of reminds me of one of my real life brothers. In our scene, we would play blood brothers who experiment with each other until we take turns fucking one another. Of course I'd have to eat that ass of his too :) Here's to you Austin!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting It Out There

Hey folks! Sorry that I have been mia. I only have a few weeks of school left and I have had a lot on my plate since coming back from Dorey Alley a few weeks ago. If you haven't had a chance yet, be sure to cast your vote for the Hustlaball Awards. Many thanks for those of you showing me the love and support for my work. If you haven't started following me just yet, add me on my Twitter or Facebook accounts. There, you can see videos or pics that I have uploaded. Thanks for listening once again. Until next time...

Austin Wilde & I having breakfast Dore Alley weekend

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Am Endowed

First off, the week was a total blast! Hanging out with nothing but stars all week. It kind of sucks to go back home and be treated like crap by everyone here... Oh well I guess. Can't win em all.

Oh, and it's a sunburn from SD Pride, not cancer :P

This event called Endowment which was hosted by big-dicked Michael Brandon was a slight bust, though I won $100. The majority was all porn stars! I swear, if people knew that all of these faces were, there would be a line out the door. To get the whole inside scoop, click here.

Me winning and walking away with $100 just for showing some cheek.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dorey Alley

I'm currently in San Francisco filming with Titan Media. After I arrived here on Wednesday, I realized that Dorey Alley is this weekend. You know what that means! More pictures and updates coming soon. Keep up with the latest on my Twitter.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Art

So I have been following this artist for a long time and more recently, we have established a great connection. Jaxinto was so sweet that he presented me with a gift. I was going to wait until I completed my site revamp to show this but I love the work so much that I can not hold it back. Here is the portrait of myself completed by this amazing artist.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scenes That Never Were

Okay so I have this mad artistic talent. I know, I'm very humble :P I think I want to create a new series that is entitled STNW (Scenes That Never Were). In the series, I will illustrate pictures of porn stars that I will never get paired with for a scene and feature their portraits on here. Sound like a plan?

To kick things off, lets focus on a young porn star that caught my eye more recently, Chris Porter. Chris has been a superstar online friend and I've said it before, I'd do him in a heartbeat. Of course, I'd have to cum all over that sexy chest tat of his.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tony Vega Does Bareback!?

That is all a lie. I will not do bareback on film. I did shoot with Treasure Island Media yesterday though. In my opinion, it was a terrific shoot. Thanks TIM! I guess this means that we are on good terms now. The guys were all really nice and the models all had huge dicks, even the sexy muscled bottom!

More details are still to come. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's New

Hey guys and gals,

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I've been enjoying my summer break a little too much :P

Today I had an internship interview with ®øƒπåß∂ and I think it went really well! I have some experience and skills that the owners don't even have. Maybe this is a match made in heaven. They said that I will get a call from them later this week, so I will let you folks know as soon as I get the lowdown.

On another note, I have a shoot scheduled once again with Treasure Island Media. I am very excited about it and I hope that you are too!

Some images will be available by this weekend. Viva Tony Vega!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Break Is Here!

I have had a lot of stuff happening recently. Last week were finals. That went pretty well. I was able to do a super sweet job on all of my projects.

Today, I finished moving into my new place in San Diego. That went easier then I had anticipated. Let us hope that I can save enough for graduation.

The shoot with T.I.M. is back on once again. I will be shooting in just 2 short weeks! I can not disclose the details about the scene just yet but trust me, it's going to be good.

Another studio got a hold of me for a scene the week after but I will not mention any names or content now because I don't want to jinx it.

Lastly, here is a wallpaper for all of you bear-paw butt lovers out there. Enjoy! :P

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finals Week

After last weekends festivities, I had to really buckle down and focus on my studies. So I decided to shoot a scene with straight hunk Alexsander Freitas. In the middle of the shoot, I thought I would give a shoutout to my friend str8cam Jeff. To my suprise, the picture is now on str8cam's site! The link is here. Now that I got the sex out of the way, I can concentrate on what needs to be done here at home :P

A Guys With iPhones teaser pic

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm In An Award Winning Film!

Ya, that's me. I'm in the best fetish extreme film of 2010!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm In The GLT

I reacieved an email about the next events for the Eagle San Diego and saw my picture. At first I didn't think anything of it. Then I get a call from the owner himself about the ad. I was thiking, "What's the big deal with this ad this month?" I looked and there on the whole second page... There I was!

... It's the little things in life LOL

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cirque Noir Photo Shoot

For one of my finals I have to produce a photo shoot and create an editorial. I finally had my shoot for it yesterday... IT WAS AMAZING!!! My models were hot and fun, my photographer was great and the rest of the team were super professional. I can't wait to show you guys the final product. Here is a picture of Rufskin model Neil goofing around with some makeup on:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have already been having a crazy and dumb week since I have been back from Palm Springs and today I got great news from T.I.M. which I was supposed to be shooting with this Friday. Apparently the director just changed his mind last minute about the entire project and put me and about 25 others in the same boat. Normally I don't put companies on blast but come on now... Everything was booked. People shouldn't let their personal life get in the way with their job no matter if you are a director or an actor. Especially if it's at the cost of over a dozen people. Ugh! ... Okay I'm done ranting. Have to get back to class.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Big Gaping Hole

I bet that you were hoping to see something else like I was but nope. Today this is one of the most recent trending topics where tropical storm Agatha caused a massive sinkhole in Guatemala City

Monday, May 31, 2010

ATV Hits 20,000 Hits!

Hey guys. I want to thank each and every one of you who took time out of your busy schedules to see what is going on in my life. The new ATV roll-out is a little behind schedule but I shall do my best to have the relaunch very very soon.

Here's to the next 20,000!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Palm Springs Weekend

While everyone and their mom is going to IML and the Grabbys this weekend, I get to stay close by. Since I don't graduate for another 3 months, I have to suck it up for now. Luckily though, Palm Springs is close by and a bunch of friends of mine are planning a big weekend up there. So I've rented a car... Oh, Enterprise has an amazing deal that I couldn't turn down. And now I'll be in Palm Springs after my morning class in an hour.

This is a picture of the last time that I was in PS about a month ago.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interesting Events Cont.

So in the middle of this whole allergy thing, I managed to meet a super chill and honest guy.

He is a really hot one.


I had a few interesting events happen last week. So I am going to break it up into two different entries.

First off, I was in Los Angeles on Monday for a taping of Chelsea Handler and my best friend and I got food from a mobile food station outside of the studio. I had ordered this $8.00 shrimp burrito that was way too spicy for anyone to eat and he had ordered this gross beefy thing. We were in a bit of a rush and I did not have time to sit and evaluate the not-so-great food. All I knew that it was fucking hot and I had to get some of it down to last me until the taping was over. Plus, I had spent 8 bucks on it! Anyway, we had finished the taping and I was not feeling so well.

Fast forward to Wednesday. I wake up in the morning and my feet feel like they're on fire. I just figured it was from dancing so much. I developed this weird flu and then started developing a rash that slowly turned into hives. I was thinking to myself, "What was going on?" I did not have anything out of the ordinary to eat. Then I remembered that stupid shrimp burrito. So for the past few days, I have been on antibiotics and water to try and help combat this weird allergic reaction. :/

Craig Reynolds

I can not wait to see this mans live show in the Hot House Dungeon in June. I wonder what tricks he has up his ass to pull of a FF dungeon scene.

This monster of a man has been posted on my blog a few times since I fell in love with his beefy ass and muscled body. When I finally met Craig in Los Angeles, he was very sweet and I could not believe that such a cuddly personality went with his rough exterior. Kudos to you and your success Craig.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Horny As Hell

I woke up this morning and I was horny as H-E-double-hockey-sticks. I know that this video is an old one but it is still very hot. Nothing like a little creeper watching some little kids in a sandbox :) Enjoy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

In the News

I relived my erotic experience with the directors of Hard Friction 2 while reading a review on the film. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to stop by JackManly's site and read the review yourself... or you can just click the link here :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Starr Profile

Recently I sat down for a Q&A session by porn photographer and kick-ass production manager Jeremy Lucido. As of yesterday, that interview was posted on his blog along with some of the top stars in the industry today. I feel honored to even be mentioned. Thanks buddy! Click here for the full interview.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hard Friction 2

Hard Friction 2 video link now available in the side bar. Please feel free to check it out and add comments if you'd like.

Oh and PS, I've been super busy with work and school so I am sorry for not posting as usual. Thank you for understanding.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

16,000 Hits!

Thank all of you guys... and girls...?... for coming to take a peek at my life in the industry. Like I have been saying before, I'm going to change some stuff around on here but just need a bit more time. Be patient with me through this busy time.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

ATV Revamp Coming Soon

A New Look TBA

If you are an artist and would like to be featured on All Things Vega, please email me at allthingsvega@yahoo.com for consideration.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nomination Announced

Up Yours was nominated for Best Fetish Extreme at the 2010 Grabby Awards! Gives me a good enough excuse to visit Chicago for the first time.