Sunday, May 23, 2010


I had a few interesting events happen last week. So I am going to break it up into two different entries.

First off, I was in Los Angeles on Monday for a taping of Chelsea Handler and my best friend and I got food from a mobile food station outside of the studio. I had ordered this $8.00 shrimp burrito that was way too spicy for anyone to eat and he had ordered this gross beefy thing. We were in a bit of a rush and I did not have time to sit and evaluate the not-so-great food. All I knew that it was fucking hot and I had to get some of it down to last me until the taping was over. Plus, I had spent 8 bucks on it! Anyway, we had finished the taping and I was not feeling so well.

Fast forward to Wednesday. I wake up in the morning and my feet feel like they're on fire. I just figured it was from dancing so much. I developed this weird flu and then started developing a rash that slowly turned into hives. I was thinking to myself, "What was going on?" I did not have anything out of the ordinary to eat. Then I remembered that stupid shrimp burrito. So for the past few days, I have been on antibiotics and water to try and help combat this weird allergic reaction. :/

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