Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer's Over... Well Not Really & Marketing 101

So I'm back in school again. Summer break was so much fun. I made so many great people, some of them are you! So thank you for making my break amazing weather it was showing me around SF or befriending me at dinner or in the bar(s). You guys are the best.

It's not over just yet though. San Diego Pride is this weekend; which means that though I have school, I'm still going out.

I got my @$ into gear after my first movie months ago and now I am really starting to show my efforts paying off. I'll plug in a picture here tomorrow. I am about to go out to an 80s night party.

You'd think that clubs would want to hire me on already. They sometimes complain about not getting people to big events and yet they don't utilize some valuable resources.

Marketing 101: Hire a porn model to dance at your club or bar! If you do that, they promote themselves as well as your event. In turn, your venue is receiving more exposure and feet in the door. When you have someone like me who tries to promote the heck out of themselves. You'd best believe that I will get at least a ton of extra people to show just to see me. Make good relations with people like Alessio Romero or Vince Ferelli. They just started and they're already blowing up.

You don't believe me...? Mark my words.

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