Monday, July 6, 2009

Erik Rhodes

It's sad that someone who is so known, who has or had a life and is in a relationship; weather or not he wants to mention it, feels so alone. I honestly believe that he could be that miserable. I would just like to officially say that I know what that's like. To have so many people around you (friends, family, whatever), that supposedly are there for you, through "thick or thin..." BULLCRAP!

One thing that I've learned and I'm glad that I've realized this early, is that no one is really there for you. I mean, if you are in a relationship, that's another story James. But for all the rest of us, we are alone. As a product of being raised by the government (CPS), I know fullwell that you have to make your life how you want it. You should be "selfish" to an extent. But James, when you have someone right there, by your arm, take advantage of that. I have yet to be in a gay relationship or in a relationship at all in 6 years. I am fortunate, according to the odds, I shouldn't even be here: USA Today article

Long story short, I am glad to be alive and hope that if anything, you take a look at your life, your physical and/ or mental health and give yourself some credit...

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